He doesn't have the ticket.

It is my fear that in an understandable but foolish wish for the European Union to have its own defence capability, politicians are forging ahead with plans that are at best wishful thoughts, and at worst dangerous.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for kids.

This is refreshing.

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The best way to know what a country is like is to go and see it with your own eyes.

I just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck.

You're a doctor, right?

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Dory waited outside in the pouring rain for over an hour.

We must abide by the rules of the game.

Our visit has been very pleasant.

I told him to wear a hat.

I think that all the world's languages are very interesting.

Who knows when Brian's birthday is?

Would you like some fruit?

We were all watching her.

Why are you doing this?

He's got a thick beard.

Shari looks less than pleased.

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I'll answer that question.

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If you leave now, you'll arrive before six.

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Try to convince her to help us.


How do you think it went?

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Why would I ever apologize to Skip?

Don't spit on the floor!

I don't think Knut will want to go with us.


She is proof against any temptation.

I'm used to keeping early hours.

We lost everything in the flood.

She gave us lots to eat.

Mehrdad is waiting.


They are negotiating to reach a satisfactory compromise.

Bill disagreed with his classmates on every subject.

I have something that I want to say to him.


He cannot speak French without making a few mistakes.

Laurie is from Australia.

Joyce is wasting time.

I returned from abroad.

Don't defy their orders, just limit yourself to obey.

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I'm skeptical when I hear someone claim to speak more than five languages fluently.

The internet is such an incredible development.

The truth is that it disgusts me.

Lex got down on his knees.

She stood there looking at me.


Her dress was torn.

I have a black and white dog.

My neighbor is a lovely fat woman.

The police don't know where the criminals are hiding.

How soon can you have the report finished?

Along the way will be fine. It's a complicated matter.

I don't understand what you're saying.

He can speak either English or French.

Mayuko failed to see Meg.

The principal shook hands with each of the graduates.

Let me congratulate you on your engagement.


What did you buy from me?


Racism is a serious issue.


I write letters which I never send.


She did it while he was drunk.

I'd like to ride along with you.

There's nothing that would please me more.


We stared at them.

He's selling hot dogs to beat the band.

Why would you think like that?

I said get out.

Where are you all from?

Think about it tonight.

Noemi tucked his son into bed.


In recent years, with a method called VLBI that uses quasar observations, and by GPS we have begun to understand the absolute movement of tectonic plates.


It seems that no one knew the truth.


We're very close.


This food truly is tasty.

Give me the tickets.

The latter half of the week was fine.

I know your mom doesn't want you to talk to me.

Where's the bus stop?

He expected many of them to come to his aid.

My family is my life.

Do you know him at all?

Midterm elections are often disastrous for the parties in power.

He had made enemies during his early political life.

We thought the situation would be embarrassing.

That is the man whom I know well.

The brave knight saved the beautiful princess from the evil dragon.

Sergei liked Vivek's new hairstyle.

Spring is the best season to visit Kyoto.

Werner spoke very well.

Can you help out?

Arthur's latest movie just came out. It's called "Tatoeba: Bad Gateway".

List promised Fred that he'd come home early today.

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There is no hurry; you have five days to think the matter over.

I had a devil of a time.

When I got the phone call telling me of my father's death, I was completely flustered.

Brett didn't show up for work this morning.

In the course of our conversation, he referred to his youth.

My grandmother can cook very well.

Sherri says he won't answer any questions.


I knew before you knew.


Somebody had to do something.


Could you come into my office?

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We're watching a movie.

Please, let somebody hear our voice.

I'll go to London.

Can you suggest me a good tavern?

Let go of me.

I wanted to tell you how to do that, but Jesus told me not to.

I love this idea.

I politely corrected Judith.

How about some coffee?

Kylo is too indecisive.

I don't have to do anything.


Lynne is sitting at the table, drinking wine.


For a man of seventy, he still has surprising vigour.


If I tell him the truth, she will never forgive me.

I have made him angry.

They're both alive.

I've lost his number.

That wasn't there this morning.

Everybody loved Jeremy.

He borrowed a large sum of money on the strength of expected income.

Please don't be sad.

Fire burns.

The earth moves around the sun.

Elliot spent the day with Roberto.


What are you doing down there?


Read the sort of books that you can easily understand.


Sorry, I couldn't catch what you said.


You said you wanted adventure.

Wyoming is famous for its great skiing.

We fought for our lives in the storm.

Who sent him?

Leith definitely thinks all the girls in the class think he's handsome.

I've always been lucky with things like this.

Lynne promised it would be done.


Inform your father of my arrival.

I got you a little something.

We'll get them home safely.

He drank the last drop of water.

Are you sure the person you saw was Antony?

Why did things change?

He tries to make sure he doesn't fall behind his classmates.

I think that I should organize a little party.

Polish is my native language.

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Can I please have this to go?

They're slowing down.

Strawberries and cream are delicious.

My brother bought an electric guitar.

The fact is that they are talking.

He bought land for the purpose of building a house.

The children were hungry and sick.

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His steps were clearly marked in the snow.

You ought to tell Thad that you don't like doing that.

There were so many people at the funeral home today.

That's what makes us different.

There was nothing but a desk in his room.

Then the doll's eyes began to shine like two stars and it came to life.

The police are treating his death as a case of murder.

He pulled open the door.

Ranjit is always running short of cash.

They walked over the mat.

I didn't get an email from my friend today.

Has the shipment arrived yet?

I can't keep track of all the changes taking place in the world of AIDS research.

Sunday is the day when people go to church.

The argument is rigorous and coherent but ultimately unconvincing.